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September 2, 2010

Becoming Amber, by Actor Allison Schnake

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Playing the role of Amber has been a great and challenging experience for me. I’ve never played the villain before so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try something new. To prepare for this role I thought back to my days as a teenager in high school. As most people know, high school can be a lot of fun but also a time of development and turmoil. Each student is changing and maturing and that often creates many insecurities with one’s self.

My character has a very outwardly confident demeanor at the top of the show, but the minute her status is threatened and her man taken away, she loses control. Amber isn’t mean just for the sake of being mean. She’s just a brat who has had most of her life handed to her by her equally bratty mother, so she has a hard time coping with the entrance of the new “it” girl, Tracy. She takes her insecurities out on Tracy in an effort to restore her own confidence. This is something every girl who went to high school can relate to. It’s only when we are older that we look back and realize that bringing others down doesn’t make us any bigger.



Second from Right: Allison Schnake as Amber Von Tussle.



Front Center: Allison Schnake as Amber Von Tussle.



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