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October 22, 2008

BeWEAVE it or Not, by Resident Actor Brian Zane

Filed under: Back Stage Blog — julianw @ 2:52 pm

Being an actor, I constantly find myself in situations I would never be in if I had any other profession. These activities include: applying makeup, taking dance classes and, most recently, going to a salon to get hair extensions. That’s right, just when I was getting used to doing strange things I was thrown a curveball and told I needed hair extensions for my role as Henry in our current production of Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus.  The extensions were put in to emphasize a dramatic moment in a key scene.  The experience was very new and strange for me and as I stepped into the salon I felt like a contestant on an episode of the show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”  My head was washed and then long weird-looking hair extensions were fused into the front of my hair.  The stylists colored the extensions to blend with my actual hair and then even put me in one of those funny chairs that dries your head!  My new hairdo looks great in the show, but walking around in real life can be odd so… I wear a lot of hats now!  Ah, the joys of being an actor.


(Resident Actor Brian Zane as Henry.  Can You See The Extensions?) 

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