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Julian Wiles, Founder and Producing Artistic Director
Marybeth Clark, Associate Artistic Director

September 20, 2012

Costumer in Residence Barbara Young on Designing “Legally Blonde”

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Costumes for a modern show are always more challenging than a period show because there is just so much more to consider. This show was especially so due to the numerous changes that Elle required and the great number of actors playing multiple roles. But even with all its drawbacks, it was great fun. Pink really isn’t my favorite color, but I have to say that we have some very neat pink outfits on stage. We are very proud of getting the costumes to work so well that the changes on stage are seamless and happen just as needed. Costumes for the Greek chorus were the biggest question because we didn’t want to do a faded look of the original costumes. It took a little extra time to decide on the right look but afterwards, the little pink outfits worked perfectly and everyone knows who they are in the show. The same thought was given to Carlos and Josh’s portrayal along with his costume bringing the house down. I have to say, the little pink suit Elle Woods wears in the Courtroom scene sure looks smart as do all those graduates.


The Greek Chorus and Guest Actor Vanessa Moyen as Elle Woods sing "So Much Better."


Guest Actor Vanessa Moyen as Elle Woods in her courtroom pink suit.


Center: Brooke Bazemore as Chutney being drilled by Guest Actor Vanessa Moyen as Elle Woods during the courtroom scene.




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