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December 16, 2008

Look at me…I’m Flying!!! by Resident Actor Sarah Claire Smith

Filed under: Back Stage Blog — julianw @ 7:46 pm

As long as I can remember, I have been in love with the story of Peter Pan. As a child I dreamed and wished I could defy gravity and FLY! Happy thoughts were always on my mind and pixy dust close by. I had the VHS of the Mary Martin’s version of Peter Pan and almost wore it out. I even had an embarrassing happening when I jumped from a very high spot and truly believed I could fly. This resulted in two broken feet and a defeated 4-year-old Sarah Claire. If only I would have had Norm and Mike (the guys who lift and travel me across the stage) at my side and the Foy Flying equipment. It would have saved my family doctor bills and would have been a much more enjoyable time.

Flying in A Christmas Carol has been a blast. The initial rehearsals were fun and hard. Being strapped in a harness around my hips and thighs, and hanging from the baton’s during tech rehearsal had its challenges. I found that if I flipped upside down that would relieve the pressure on my hips and back. So doing flips was fun while it lasted but then we had to get down to business.

Playing the “Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come” is a trip. The mask is hot but the thrill of soaring above my fellow actors heads and scaring the kids at the school shows makes it worth it! Having this experience has made me want to play Peter in the musical Peter Pan so bad! It has been a wonderful time, but I don’t think I’ll miss the harness.

I hope that you all have a Happy Holiday and may all your flying be safe and may you always have happy thoughts!  


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