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September 20, 2012

Meet Arielle Kook, Charleston Stage Professional Resident Actor

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Charleston Stage Professional Resident Actor Arielle Kook


Q: Where did you grow up? Were there any activities you did as a child that led to your passion for theatre and the arts?
A: I grew up Columbia, Maryland; Maadi, Egypt; and Herzliyya Petuach, Israel. As a child I did a lot of things at different times: cross country, soccer, cheerleading, dance, softball, gymnastics, piano, voice lessons, student council, reconciliation peace programs between Germans and Jews and Arabs and Israelis and Model United Nations. Even though many of my extra-curricular activities changed throughout the years and I moved schools often, I was always involved with theatre. It wasn’t until college though that I really focused on theatre more than anything else. I grew up singing at the piano with my mom and she really nurtured my love for musical theatre.


Q: Where did you study theatre?
A: James Madison University in Virginia


Q: Where have you worked previously? What are some of your favorite roles?
A: I worked at Theatre by the Sea in Rhode Island. My favorite roles are Kitty in The Drowsy Chaperone and Ado Annie in Oklahoma.


Q: How did you prepare for playing Margot in Legally Blonde? Were there any challenges or things that you were excited about with taking on this character?
A: I prepared for doing my role in Legally Blonde by reading the script and trying to find clues into who Margot was besides a dumb, pretty sorority girl. I wanted to figure out how she was different from Serena or Pilar because that would make her interesting (even though they are a trio that do a lot of movement together). I wanted to find the part of her that was in me and the part of her that wasn’t in me that I would have fun living in. I was excited for her comic bits and for getting to be a confident annoying sorority girl without thinking twice about how it may be perceived. I was excited to make her human and real.


Q: You’ve been in performances for the past three weeks… what do you look forward to each performance playing Margot?
A: I look forward to shaking off the cheer “spirit” that Serena says Paulette needs, I look forward to giving ridiculous facial expressions during the beginning of Bend and Snap, I look forward to the exciting opportunity of being the first actor onstage for each show, and I look forward to the little exchanges and back stories I and the actors make with each other behind the forefront action of the last court room scene. It’s just so fun to play make believe and live in the world of Malibu, Greek Chorus, and Harvard every night. Who wouldn’t want to live there for 2 hours?!


Q: Please share with us your thoughts and experience so far on being a Resident Actor with Charleston Stage.
A: I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a challenge to teach. I think the most important thing is continuing to tell myself that I have good things to say and teach. Each age group is so different and needs a different kind of teacher and a different kind of lesson. I love people though, so it has been really fun to figure out what each group needs differently based on their skill level, age, and personalities. I am a person who often sits back and lets other people lead, not out of laziness, but just because I consider myself a “quieter” leader. In teaching, you can’t really be a quiet leader. I have had to learn how to implement my thoughts in the lessons and lead even if I am teaching with someone who in any other group situation, I would let them be the leader. As far as being a resident actor, I have really enjoyed that freedom to play in performance. I feel like this is a safe place for me to explore my art as a young actor and make bold choices. The rehearsal process for Legally Blonde was a blast. I am looking forward to doing so many different types of shows this season and growing as an actor as I adapt to each new challenge that comes my way! It’s a journey always. Never a dull moment.


Featured 2nd From Right: Charleston Stage Professional Resident Actor Arielle Kook as Margot in "Legally Blonde the Musical."


Featured Front Center: Charleston Stage Professional Resident Actor Arielle Kook as Margot in "Legally Blonde the Musical."



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