Adam Jehle, Set Designer for “Kinky Boots”

Q: Where did you grow up?  Were there any activities you did as a child that led to your passion for the arts?

I grew up in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Growing up, I was very lucky to have a mother that wanted her children to be exposed to the arts. My mother would always take us to art museums, concerts, and I grew up in the small town of Nixa in Missouri. I was introduced to theatre in junior high. It was an elective class we could take and I fell in love with it. I was blown away that you could tell stories for a living and I figured I’d try.

Featured: Set Design for Kinky Boots by Adam Jehle.

Q: Where did you receive training?  How did this prepare you for your work in the theatre world?

I graduated with a B.F.A. in Design, Technology and Stage Management from Missouri State University. Luckily it was a small school with more personalized training so I got a ton of shop experience and a chance to design Mainstage once a semester. So by the time I was done with undergrad, I had a lot of shows under my belt.

Featured: Set Design for Kinky Boots by Adam Jehle.

Q: What productions have you previously designed for Charleston Stage this season?

I have done the Projection Design for Murder on the Orient Express and I just closed my Scenic Design for Black Pearl Sings!

Q:  Please discuss your process as the Set Designer for Kinky Boots.

Well luckily I had a clear vision and concept from the Director, Marybeth Clark. We had conversions about how we wanted the show to feel different. We were drawn to the idea of everything being able to change, adapt and allow ease of movement just as the characters do in the show. So once we knew what direction we wanted to go, I researched the time period, the setting and visual world of the show.

Featured: Set Design for Kinky Boots by Adam Jehle.

Q:  What are you most excited about that audiences will experience with your designs for Kinky Boots?

I want people to leave with a little bit of light being shed on a very fun and touching story.

Featured: Set Design for Kinky Boots by Adam Jehle.

Performances of Kinky Boots continue running April 14th – May 1st at the Historic Dock Street Theatre. For tickets, click here.