Designer Run for Bad Dates

Last night was the Designers Run for Bad Dates. A Designer’s Run is the first runthru when actors (in this case actress Beth Curley all by herself) go through the whole play with all their lines memorized for the first time.  Beth did a great job by the way.   The Designer’s Run allows the designers (set, costume, lighting, sound, and prop designers) to see the show and look for costume changes, when lights change, when sound effects and music are needed, what props are needed (more ladies’ shoes in this case)  and how the set works.  A Designer’s Run is an exciting time because it’s when we see a show on its feet for the first time. Often there are many surprises.  For me the biggest surprise was that though Bad Dates is a comedy it has moving and poignant moments too.  Theresa Rebeck, who many will remember as co-author of Omnium Gatherum which we produced a few years ago, has a wicked sense of humor but a great love of character too.  Beth and director Megan Link are well on their way in bringing Holly, this quirky rebounding divorcee to life and in finding the many special moments in this offbeat, off-kilter but delightful slice-of-real life play.

Julian Wiles, Producing Artistic Director