Henry Clay Middleton, Director of “Black Pearl Sings!”

Q: What lead you to your passion in the arts?

I fell in love with the stage when I saw Annie Get Your Gun as a young third grader. I was swept away by the lead actress’s expressive face which I can still see to this day. My parents also introduced me to music and I played the trumpet for many years. During Easter celebrations at church, I always had the longest Easter speech and would also entertain my grandparents with impressions of our pastor’s sermons at dinner after church. I fondly remember the laughter of my family and their guests.

Q: You are directing Black Pearl Sings!. How has this experience been for you?

It’s great working with Charleston Stage. I had a clear vision for this show from the first moment I read it. It’s been exciting to see the actresses bring that vision to life.

Q: What do you hope audiences will take with them after seeing this production?

I want the audience to leave the theater swept up in the twists and turns in this slice of life experience. Who hasn’t striven to get what they wanted but ended up at an unexpected destination.

Q: You are a member of Charleston Stage’s Board of Trustees. How has this involvement fueled your passion for theatre in Charleston?

Charleston Stage has made a commitment to be more inclusive. Theatre should be a reflection of the community it serves. People will relate and support productions when they see people that look like them on stage. Because of this, I was excited to join the Board of Trustees this season.

Q: You are also an actor with Charleston Stage. What has been your most favorite role on the Dock Street Theatre stage?

My favorite role was portraying the icon Thurgood Marshall in The Seat of Justice, when Charleston Stage produced the play in 2016.

Performances of Black Pearl Sings! run March 11th – 27th at the Historic Dock Street Theatre. For tickets, CLICK HERE.