View an Exclusive Interview with Liz Duren, Starring as M’lynn in “Steel Magnolias”


1)   Who are you playing and what excites you most about performing this iconic role?

I’m M’lynn. You called the role iconic and I suppose it is, but I can see how easy it is to take that idea and create this caricature of a southern lady with big hair and snappy one-liners… but what I love about this story is, at its heart, it’s true.  “M’lynn” was a mother who had a daughter and these close friends and it’s a story about how we love and how we hold each other up.




2)   What’s your first memory of Steel Magnolias?

I saw the movie first when I was living in Europe at the time and I remember how heartsick it made me for home. Southern women and big hair and all.


3)   What do you think is the important message of Steel Magnolias and why does it still resonate with audiences today?

Every woman can find themselves in one of these characters.  It’s the “Sex and the City” of the 80’s.



4)   There are so many famous one-liners from Steel Magnolias. Which one is your favorite and why?

Pretty much anything Ouiser says.




5)   If your character had to distinguish between whether something was “Blush” or “Bashful”, what would their response be?

Waiter, I’ve tried Blush wine, but what is bashful?  ha ha ha ha


6)   Please share your thoughts on performing with an all female ensemble.

It’s no different for me whether it’s all male and female. It’s all about giving and listening and really being present in your role that makes ensemble acting so fun… but for this show, several of these women are already my friends and the affection you all will see is so real. THAT has made this show really special for me.



Performances of Steel Magnolias run March 21st – 24th at the Historic Dock Street Theatre. For tickets, click here.