TheatreWings Apprentices Are Expected To Strictly Adhere To These Guidelines

Students in the program participate in two ways. The first way is by attending weekly classes in the student's particular "Concentration." It is our goal that each student, during their time in the program, will gain experience and the know-how in every area of a production.

The second way each student participates in the program is being a crew member on one production each season. This can include being on the Stage Management team, joining the backstage running crew and dressers, or sound and light board operators. It is our goal that each student, during his or her four-year tenure in the program, experiences each area of theatre and can work in every position on a show.


TheatreWings Apprentices must maintain an overall B average or better. Students must submit a copy of each report card upon request to the TheatreWings Co-Coordinators Ravyn Meador and Caleb Garner.

See the Shows

Students are required to see all of the shows Charleston Stage produces. To this end, each student will be given one, sometimes two, complimentary tickets to each production during the year in which they are members of the company.

Periodic Evaluation

Each student will be evaluated at scheduled intervals throughout the year. This is a chance for each student to learn of areas that they need improvement on, as well as, to give feedback and suggestions for ways to improve the program and their remaining time involved.

Disciplinary Actions 

Warnings will be issued for minor violations of TheatreWings Apprentice guidelines, which will be documented in your file. Once an apprentice receives two warnings, they will be placed on probation. If the apprentice fails to complete the disciplinary action from any warning in a timely manner, they will be placed on probation. Probation consists of a set period of time where the student will be closely monitored for improvements in behavior and responsibilities. Additional punishment may be necessary and the entire TheatreWings Staff will review each case. Repeated or major violations will result in dismissal from the program.



Guidelines for Work at the Charleston Stage Scene Shop



Each TheatreWings Apprentice attends weekly classes. Students must arrive before 4:30 and stay until clean up is completed at 6:00. Over the course of the 25-30 weeks each student will complete roughly 50-60 hours of work in his or her shop area. 
If a student has to miss his/her regular crew, they must notify their supervisor 24 hrs prior to the absence and, at that time, arrange for a time to make up the hours they are planning to miss. Time will be closely monitored and students will receive a warning if they have excessive make-up time. Excessive absence (two absences) will result in PROBATION. If a student is absent three times, it will result in EXPULTION FROM THE PROGRAM.

Leave of Absence

A student may request a leave of absence if faced with extraordinary circumstances such as long-term illness or major problems in school. Such leaves will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Requests for a leave of absence must be submitted in writing. You are urged to talk with your supervisor as soon as you realize you need a leave of absence rather than repeatedly missing crew calls, as this could lead to dismissal from the program. Participation in other activities is not grounds for a Leave of Absence. This is reserved for dire circumstances only.

Transportation and Parking

You and your parents are responsible for providing your own transportation to all TheatreWings Apprentice functions. "Not having a ride" is not a valid excuse for tardiness or absences. Students should arrive a few minutes early and be picked-up promptly at the end of sessions. For students who drive, downtown parking is not provided for weekly crews, but may be available on a first come first serve basis. When an apprentice reaches driving age, parking is provided during tech rehearsals and performances for each show that they are crewing for.


Apprentices should always wear comfortable clothes and shoes. No open toe, platform or high heel shoes are permitted in any of the shops or rehearsal settings. Dresses, skirts, short shorts, tops or bare midriffs are also unacceptable.


Guidelines For Working on a Show


Attendance for Shows

Apprentices are given schedules for all rehearsals and performances of the shows they will be working on at least one month before the show opens. This is to allow apprentices time to clear their schedules for this commitment. They are required to attend all technical rehearsals at the theatre and all performances of the shows they are working on. TheatreWings Apprentices who are on the Stage Management Team for a show are also required to attend all rehearsals at the studio before a show moves to the theatre.

Crew Replacement Protocol

TheatreWings Apprentices who have accepted the responsibility of a running crew position are expected to fulfill their obligation. If for some pre-approved reason, this is impossible, it is the responsibility of that apprentice to find a replacement. Charleston Stage staff must be notified at least two weeks before the first tech rehearsal. The replacement must meet the TheatreWings supervisors and Production Manager's approval and shadow the TheatreWings Apprentice for at least two public performances. The Stage Manager must also be notified of any change to the running crew, including shadowing.

Absences from School

TheatreWings Apprentices will be on running crews for school day performances during the year and will have school day absences of up to, but no more than, four days for each production they work on. Charleston Stage will provide written excuses and each student should speak to their teachers as soon as possible. Students will be released between 1:00pm and 1:30pm and are encouraged to return to school at that time. Charleston County Schools consider these excused absences. Students from other counties or private schools should schedule a meeting with their principal or headmaster/mistress to discuss the requirements of this program. These activities are not only educational for the TheatreWings Apprentices, but also for more than 20,000 tri-county public and private school students who see Charleston Stage productions.

Protocol for after Rehearsal/Performance Events

TheatreWings Apprentices are welcome to join cast and crew in attending Charleston Stage sponsored cast parties and social functions. Parents will receive written invitations/directions if the function is sponsored by Charleston Stage. At least two adult staff members will be in attendance at these functions. Cast members hold social functions, which are not Charleston Stage sponsored. For these events, TheatreWings Apprentices must bring written parental permission stating date, place of event, and time of pick-up. All cast and staff members have signed contracts acknowledging that care should be taken at social functions where alcoholic beverages are being served. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation to and from these events.

Attire and Supplies

Black pants, long sleeve TheatreWings shirts, shoes and socks are required when working backstage. Each Apprentice should have a notebook, a small "mag" flashlight, mechanical pencils, highlighter, nylon erasers, and should have an 8" crescent wrench. Apprentices should also have paper at all rehearsals and performances. It would be a good idea for each Apprentice to also have a pouch in their notebook to keep their supplies.