What is Charleston Stage's TheatreSchool?

Charleston Stage's TheatreSchool classes are designed to introduce young people to the world of theatre by providing students of all ages with the means to actively explore the dramatic process, craft and the discipline of performing. We strive for our students to develop their own unique creative voice, their imaginations and their understanding of theatre and performance techniques. Our goal is not to make students the next Broadway or movie stars, but to provide them with skills that will serve them in life and whatever profession they one day choose.

What happens in a typical class?

Classes begin with warm-ups. An actors tools are their voice, body and imagination and we do activities and games to get them ready and focused. Classes include developing plots, creating characters and most importantly sharing a story with the audience. Clarity, projection and body positions on stage are all part of performing and we include these as well as the vocabulary used in this special field. The goal of every class is to teach young performers the skills they need to articulate ideas, work as part of a group, problem solve and think creatively whether onstage or off.

How do I register for classes?

Online registration is the fastest, most efficient way to enroll. The online registration allows you to choose "pay by check" and indicate day check is mailed or "pay by credit card", in which case we will call you and get the information over the phone. Tuition is due at registration and NON-REFUNDABLE.

How will I receive confirmation?

If you pay by credit card you we will confirm when you pay. If you are mailing a check, we will e-mail a confirmation when we receive the check.

How many students are in each class?

Each class has a minimum and maximum number of students. Minimum enrollment is generally five students. Charleston Stage reserves the right to cancel any class with insufficient enrollment. The maximum number of students varies with each class, but is usually 18.

What does my child need for class?

Students should come dressed in comfortable clothes that they can move in and must wear sneakers. Skirts, dress clothes, flip flops or sandals should NOT be worn. Students may want to bring a water bottle. A folder to keep scripts and handouts in and a pencil is also recommended.

Where are classes?

All classes are held in the West Ashley Theatre Center! For directions to the facility, CLICK HERE.

What are Troupes?

We also have three performance troupes for students in grades 4 - 5, 6 - 7, and 8 - 9. These are classes for advanced students that meet throughout the school year. Admission to troupes is by audition only. Students accepted into troupes are the only students (younger than high school) who are permitted to audition for Charleston Stage productions.