Charleston Stage is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and a constituent member of the Theatre Communication Group (TCG), the national organization for the American Theatre. Charleston Stage is funded in part by grants from the South Carolina Arts Commission, a state agency which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as stimulus funding as a part of the American Rescue Plan; the City of Charleston; the Charleston County and contributions from friends like you.

South Carolina Arts Commission 


Below are Contributions Made Between MAY 1, 2022 - june 28, 2023.


Season Sponsors:

American Rescue Plan
Arts, Etc.
Sarah Beardsley and Christopher Randolph
The Frances Bunnelle Foundation
Charleston County
City of Charleston
Daniel Island Community Fund
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
Dennis and Lynn Drew
The Employee Community Fund of the Boeing Company
The Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust
Katherine Schob Glenn
The Peter Glenville Foundation
Hewitt Family Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC
The Dubose and Dorothy Heyward Memorial Fund
The Mark Elliott Motley Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
The John and Carolyn Peterson Charitable Foundation
Dr. Del and Linda Schutte
Ted and Susan Soderlund
The Albert Sottile Foundation, Georgia Homer Darby and Mary Ellen Long Way, Trustees
South Carolina Arts Commission 
South Carolina First Steps
Southern Lumber and Millwork 
Dr. Carolyn Thiedke and Mr. Fred Thompson
The Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation


wiles fund for the future

Michael Albano
Kendra Alder
Jennifer and Jeff Allred
Michael Amand
Eric Anderson
Ann Anderson
Debbie Austin & Randall Phillips
Jacqueline Baer DNP, APRN, FNPC
Nella Gray Barkley
Mark Barrett
Samille Basler
The Beach Company
Sarah Beardsley and Dr. Christopher Randolph
Joey and Shelly Beasenburg
Cody, Bailey, Carter, and Riley Beasenburg
Lisa Blalock
Kate and Dana Boyette
Catherine Brack
Don Brandenburg
Steve Brown
Catherine and Bobby Byrd
Thomas & Deborah Cabaniss
Dr. Crystal Y. Campbell, Apostle Charlesetta C. Prioleau
Lynn Carlson
Courtney Champion
Marybeth and Victor Clark
Steven E. Clem
Colbert Family Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC
Peter and Marion Cotton
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Cromer
Caroline Cromer
John and Georgia Darby
Mrs. Charles S. Way, jr
Belk and Lois Daughtridge
Prof. Gordon Dehler and Prof. Ann Welsh
Ann Dibble
Dennis and Lynn Drew
Dr. Carol J. Drowota
Ann Dupre
Karen Durand
Rob and Liz Duren
Nancy and Ralph Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. F. Strait Fairey
Erica Feaga
Mrs. Bessie Fealey
Michael and Ursula Ferguson
Janet Fiorenza and Mike Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freeman
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Friedman
Dr. Ed Galaid and Chris Tobin
Karen and Pat Gallagher
Tom Gallaher
Janice M. and Luc Georget
Crystin Gilmore
Katherine Schob Glenn
Edward Glenn
Ben and Erika Greco
Fran Griffiths
Jeffrey Gross
Michael W Haga, Paul W Holmes
John and Judy Halberda
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
Mr and Mrs Keitt Hane
Danielle and Christian Hartley
Mr. Sam Henderson
Bill and Karyn Hewitt
Stephanie Hollis
Tiger Lily Florist
Chris and Nitika Hopkins
Sally Wise and Will Howle
Lynn and Mark Hunsinger
Bob and Kathleen Johnson
Robert Danny Jones and Douglas McCoy
Jennifer Jordan
Diane Katz
Lucille and Bert Keller
Harriette Kerr
Danielle Key
Rafa Key
Mrs Annette Kibler
Dr. And Mrs. W. John Langley
Jan and. Larry Lipov
Sheldon Litwin
Richard Losquadro, Deanna Pandolfi
Elisabeth and Spencer Lynch
Frank Mack
Teresita Magsino
Eric A. Main
Luciana Marcial-Vincion
Melonea Marek
Cathy Marino
Dave and Tracy Marley
Susan Marus, Jack Smith
Matrejek Family
Jessica and Grover Maxwell
Douglas McCoy, Robert Danny Jones
Connie McElhaney
Rebecca McFerran
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. McGreevy
Tracy Mckay
Trey and Meredith McLaughlin
Don and Jo Miller
Larry and Maureen Millhouse
Anna Montgomery
Lisa Montgomery
Valerie Morris
Dr Robert Ball and Mrs Betty Gore
Mrs. Starr L. Murphy
Starr Freedman
Sean and Jennifer Murray
Rebecca Poynton-Murray
Jennifer and Sean Murray
Mosmi Naik-Patel and Shailesh Patel
Barbara and Bob Nicolai
Tom O'Brien, Edna DePaul
Deanna Pandolfi
Mr. Todd Parker
Timothy Parsons
Susan Pearlstine
The John and Carolyn Peterson Charitable Foundation
Derek T. Pickens & Ryan Pixler
The Fred and Joan Pittman Family Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of SC
PNC Foundation
The Ponderosa Fund
Drexel Pringle
Susan and Jim Radley
Radovcic Family
Mr & Mrs Anthony & Letty Richey
John and Debbie Riddick
Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr.
Catherine Russo
Cody Tellis Rutledge, David Collins
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sade
Dr. and Mrs. Derek Feussner
Hal Currey and Peggy Schachte
Claire and Joseph Schady
Luke Shaw
Tina Shaw
Lisa Short
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Shuler
Elaine and Bill Simpson
Teresa Smith
Ted and Susan Soderlund
Thomas and Courtney Somers
Jenny Spain
Karen Spain
Tom and Peggy Spain
Catherine Spain
Gus and Cameron Speth
Robert Speziale
Lauren Sostrin
Laurie Steinke
Betty F Stone
Char Stricklin
Marilyn Surbey
Annette Switzer
Katie and Stephen Tarrant
Mayor Tecklenburg
Mrs. Julia Forster And Mr. John Thompson
Jenny and Robert Ticknor
Rosemary Tountas
Dr. Myron and Melly Tucker
Laura Turner
Drs. Jane Tyler and Curtis Worthington
H. Wayne and Ellen Unger, Jr.
The Vineyard Family Foundation
Jeff Walker
Mary Ellen Way
Jim and Rebecca Wick
Julian Wiles and Jenny Hane
Melissa Wilkinson
Tom and Janet Willson
John Winthrop Fund in Memory of Adrianne B. Reilly of Coastal Community Foundation of SC
Ann & Gerrit Wolf
MaryEllen Woodside and Bob Lopanik
Cliff Wright
Barbara Young
Ms. Anita Zucker



Andersen Windows & Doors 
Southern Lumber and Millwork Corp




Appalachian Springs
David Clemmons Agency
Gibbes Museum of Art
Magrath Pejeau Real Estate
Salthouse Catering
Sober Dating, LLC
Tiger Lily
The Zoo Health Club


2022-23 Charleston Stage Contributors

Contributions to Charleston Stage directly support our vast arts education initiatives that reach over 20,000 Lowcountry youth annually. Year round, students participate in Charleston Stage’s in-school outreach enrichment workshops, TheatreWings Apprentice Program for high school students, (after-school) acting classes, and low-cost and free special school matinees. This funding also provides scholarships for underprivileged youth. Contributions made to Charleston Stage are tax-deductible.

CLICK HERE to view our list of Contributors who made contributions between May 1, 2022 and March 27, 2023.



In Memoriam

Greg Paxton in loving Memory of Uncle Greg
John Winthrop Fund in Memory of Adrianne B. Reilly of Coastal Community Foundation of SC
Curtis Tambornino in Memory of Eva Tambornino


Legacy donors

E. Boineau & Company