From March 1st thru march 7th, a live taped performance of Helium will be available for viewing online!

For a donation of $10 or more to our "Curtain Up Fund" you will be able to enjoy a free viewing of Helium. Your gift will not only help us raise the curtain again and bring live theatre back to the Lowcountry, but also enables us to provide this video and corresponding educational content to area schools free of charge.




Do you have the Vimeo App on your Smart TV or Apple TV? You can stream our virtual performance directly to your TV. After completing your donation, a link and password to access the video will be included in your confirmation email. The link will be playable on any device of your choosing, as many times as you would like.


Helium is the moving and uplifting story of Mrs. Kingsley, a brilliant, humorous and beloved former chemistry teacher who braves the trials of frailty and aging, all the while keeping her imagination, charm and dignity intact. No longer bound by space and time, Mrs. Kingsley's mind has begun to wander. With the help of colorful bunches of helium-filled balloons, she takes flight and visits the seashore of her youth, her old high-school classroom and even drops in on an old episode of Star Trek. Back in the present, Mrs. Kingsley's daughter Alice struggles to keep her headstrong mother's feet firmly on the ground and her aging mind solidly anchored in reality. It is a losing battle. As sparks fly between mother and daughter, Mrs. Kingsley's grandsons watch in wonder and amazement as their mischievous grandmother's wit and imagination continue to charm even as her mind slips into amazing and often humorous flights of fancy.




The 2018 production of Helium was generously sponsored by:

Associate Sponsors:

Hewitt Family Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC

Dr. Del and Linda Schutte


Education/Parent Guide

We are always excited to share live theatre with young audiences, but we know that parents and teachers may want more information on play content and specific issues when deciding if a show is appropriate for viewing. Our recommendation for Helium is for ages 13 & up, however we encourage adults to view our Parent/Education guide to make the best decision for your child. You can download the Parent/Education guide below.


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