Meet Corinne Madeen, Charleston Stage’s Costume Shop Manager



Q: Where did you grow up?  Were there any activities you did as a child that led to your passion for the arts?

A: My family moved from LaPlata, Maryland, to Gainesville, Georgia, when I was in Kindergarten and I was picked to play the “Goldilocks” character in our school play. This began a life-long love of acting and theater arts education.


Q: Where did you receive training?  How did this prepare you for your work in the theatre world?

A: I received training at Guilford College, USC-Aiken and The University of South Carolina from which I received an MFA in Design. I completed an internship with The Seattle Repertory Theater in 2009 and since then have focused on starting a family and designing costumes for various theatrical productions in Columbia, SC.

The highlight of my training and education was attending the Prague Quadrennial in 2007, the largest scenography event in the world. Working with people from all over the globe to create performance art, puppetry and music was not only inspirational but introduced me to the work and professionalism of artists, designers, scenographers and other theater professionals.


Q: Briefly describe your position at Charleston Stage and what you do for the company.

A: I have the pleasure of being the new Costume Shop Manager. The purpose of my role within Charleston Stage is to work with our Resident Costumer, Barbara Young, in the organization and scheduling of fittings, costume builds and costume production schedules. I will be here to help manage the new Costume Shop, communicate with other areas of production and help identify new areas of growth within the Costume Department.


Q: Where have you worked previously before Charleston Stage?

A: Since my internship with Seattle Rep, I have designed costumes in Columbia, SC, for Trustus Theater and the Irmo/Chapin Recreation Commission (in their Educational Theater programs). I have worked as the Costume Shop Manager at USC-Aiken and instructed a Costume Lab class, guiding students in the design and production of costumes for their MainStage production.


Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: My favorite thing to do with my spare time (other than spending time with my husband and son who turns 2 this Halloween) is to volunteer for Girls Rock Camp, a summer camp for girls who learn how to be in a rock band, write their own song, culminating in a public performance at the end of just one week! I have taken music lessons for most of my life, both vocal and instrumental. I strive to learn how to play as many instruments as possible from harp to ukulele, guitar and most recently piano.