Playing the Role of Ghost of Christmas Present, by Lindsey Lamb

Q: What special challenges did you face relating to and creating a nonhuman character?

A: I was so excited to get an opportunity to delve into a character like Christmas Present.  It has been a lot of fun to play a nonhuman character.  I feel like I have had some freedom when developing the character since there aren’t as many boundaries or limitations as a human character.  While being a spirit allows me to take some liberties, I have strived to keep her real and honest as she tries to teach Scrooge life lessons. Christmas Present is a very jovial spirit but she is also quick to put Scrooge in his place.  She has different dynamics to her which hopefully makes her a more interesting character. Christmas Present’s entrance has been especially fun.  I won’t tell you more about the entrance…come and see for yourself!   


(David Ardrey as Scrooge and Lindsey Lamb as the Ghost of Christmas Present)