Scenic Design for “Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure”

Q: How did you prepare for designing Sherlock Holmes? Were there any challenges or things you faced in creating the designs?
A:  I spent time researching old Victorian drawings, films set in the Victorian era and photos of Victorian architecture. The challenge of designing Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure was finding an interesting and practical solution to all the locations in the show. We needed the scenery to be eye-catching, yet move quickly and seamlessly.

I think we found a great solution and I hope our audiences have enjoyed it.

Q: What has been inspiring your designs? Is there a particular era you are designing Sherlock Holmes in?
A: We ended up setting our show in the Victorian era with a steam-punk edge thrown in. All of our scenic pieces are very detailed interiors in the shape of puzzle pieces. Color and texture play a large part in both the costume and scenic design.

Q: How has the Production team been collaborating to produce Sherlock Holmes? Do the costume elements tie into the set elements?
A: I think that our Production team worked very well together creating this show. It was really a thrill to see the costumes, lights, scenic pieces and sound design all come together when the actors took the stage! I hope everyone comes out to see our show if they haven’t seen it yet for the final weekend of performances! Cheers!


The Gasworks
The Home of Godfrey Norton
221 B Baker's Street