"They say 'it takes a village to raise children' and Charleston Stage has been a huge part of our village. Not only has Charleston Stage taught Sam (now 17) and Anna (now 15) about commitment, organizational skills, professionalism, costume design, and construction, but honestly, our children hold themselves differently because of the training and experience they have had with Marybeth Clark and her staff. They have a poise, and self-confidence they wouldn't otherwise have. You know how some teenagers mumble when they speak to adults? Children at Charleston Stage don't mumble."

Sarah Book,
Parent of TheatreWings Apprentices Sam and Anna Book


"My favorite aspect of WINGS is the training that the kids receive is simply amazing. They are being taught skills not just in the theater arts realm, but in things they will carry with them throughout their entire lives. My son is learning how to use power tools, which will serve him well in the years to come. I am sure he will have to know this in his eagle scout project for example or just around the house when he gets older. He is also learning how important the back stage crew is in getting a performance to go off without a hitch. All that goes into a production is very important to the cast, as without all this prep work, the real work of the cast onstage can't even be done! So this is a very important skill to realize as well. The responsibility they are being taught, to see things through, is an important concept to ingrain at a young age as well. My son has learned that he can see the fruits of his work on stage and this makes him glow with pride. All in all, I think WINGS is a great program for our youth. It challenges them in ways that can only be measured by the maturity growth that it brings."

Mary Conley,
Parent of TheatreWings Apprentice Daniel Conley


"We want to thank you for the great experience our daughter Celeste had with the TheatreWings Apprentice program this year. As you know, she had wanted to participate for a long time, and we were hesitant because of the academic demands of her senior year. It was only after a lot of thought that we allowed her to make the commitment to the program. TheatreWings taught Celeste the meaning of 'commitment' better than anything else. Once her signature was on the dotted line, it became a matter of honor, and she was not about to let anything keep her from doing her job. In Celeste's case, it was also a huge labor of love. Nothing else would push her to finish her homework like our insistence that it be done before she left for practice on most days. There were exceptions, of course, and it was great to see her take the initiative to complete her work during breaks and study halls at school. Celeste now has experience with a professional company in an important capacity and has demonstrated that she can handle huge responsibility. She proved to us, the staff at Charleston Stage Company and – most importantly – to herself –that she can do anything she wants if she's willing to work hard enough at something she loves. TheatreWings was worth every minute!"

Sandra and Darryl Reyna,
Parents of Apprentice Celeste Reyna


"As a mom, I can say our son Scott's experiences with the TheatreWings Apprenticeship program were great!! He enjoyed every aspect of the learning opportunity offered to the TheatreWings Apprentices. He grew as a young adult learning and accepting responsibility. He gained effective communication skills and learned the importance of listening. I was so proud that Scott was given the opportunity to design the set for 'Beneath the Sweet Grass Moon' and to see his work onstage at the Dock Street Theatre. Scott has utilized this knowledge in college. The guidance and friendships made will remain. I thank you for this wonderful opportunity offered to develop young adults. I thank you for the wonderful support you offered!!"

Cindy Fitzgerald,
Parent of Apprentice Scott Fitzgerald