"All of the staff at Charleston Stage demand professionalism of their actors and also of the WINGS kids and this is also something that I am grateful to have learned there. Colleges and future employers want to see they are going to hire a confident and professional person, and when the staff is treating you like an adult they are truly preparing you for future jobs. I believe above all else that Charleston Stage is a family and you are the babies. All of the staff love and appreciate what you are doing for the company and want to encourage you and see you succeed."

Bessie Fealey,
Public School Counselor

"Wings gave me confidence in my shy self. I talk now. A lot. I don't have to know everything in order to do a job well; I'm not afraid of asking for help and working in a team, because it ultimately makes me stronger."

Caroline O'Connor, 
Broadway/Off Broadway Equity Stage Manager and Professional Child Guardian

"I don't think of the 'theatre skills' when I think of the ways that participating in the WINGS program helped me in my life. What I remember is the responsibilities that were placed on our shoulders, and the trust that we would get the job done. I feel like we did so many things, and worked so hard, without any question that we couldn't."

Ben Neuhaus, 

"WINGS was not just an after school program it became a second home for me. Thanks to WINGS I am now one of the top undergraduate stage managers at Brandeis. Next year I will be the only undergraduate stage managing a production for the Brandeis Theatre Company."

Alexandra Corsaro,
Middle School Theatre Teacher